The Senior Statistical Programmer will develop, test, validate, document, maintain and execute programs in SAS and may serve as lead programmer as appropriate. He/she will take primary role in review and validation of SAS programs created by more junior-level programmers. In addition, will ensure that all required documentation is appropriately filled out and approved. Experience in HIV, Cardiovascular, Liver Disease, Oncology, and Respiratory/Inflammation is a plus.

Essential Functions:

• Program, document, validate and review summary tables, data listings, and graphs for inclusion in clinical reports or presentations in collaboration with project statistician.
• Program analysis datasets, will be responsible for responding to data requests in collaboration with project statistician.
• Develop program specifications and design documents under supervision of project statistician.
• Ensure analysis data and programming code meet regulatory and company standards and are consistently structured to permit efficient programming, reporting, and review.
• Collaborate with CDM and project statistician to review draft CRFs, databases and perform edit checks.
• Assists in submissions of electronic data (e.g., SAS data sets) to regulatory agencies.
• Has sufficient understanding to follow an analysis plan and provide programming support for study deliverables.
• Provide input to and participate in Programming and Biometrics meetings.
• Contribute to the continuous improvement of Programming Environment.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills and interpersonal skills are required. Demonstrates SAS programming proficiency.
• Has knowledge of clinical trial study design and electronic data submission requirements.

Knowledge, Experience & Skills:

• 6 years of experience and a BS degree in Biostatistics/Computer Science or equivalent.
• 2 year of experience and a MS degree in Biostatistics/Computer Science or equivalent.
• 1 PhD degree in Biostatistics/Computer Sciences or equivalent.

How to Apply:

Send cover letter with your resume to